2k Welding is a company that provides services in Welding Technology, Welding Automation and machine manufacturing, which was established in 2004 by expert engineers in their fields.
It has been active in the sector from the first moment it was founded, and has gained a rightful place in the sector by completing many projects in a short time.
2k WELDING manufactures at world standards without sacrificing quality with its engineering experience.
It produces standard and special design machines that will increase the efficiency and quality of our customers in areas such as maritime, transportation energy, steel construction, production and laying of transport pipelines, wind turbine poles, pressure vessel and tank manufacturing, transformer boiler manufacturing in robotic and conventional fields.
By performing service and production in ISO 9001-2008 quality standards, it delivers customer demands above the desired quality as soon as possible.
It serves its customers on a 24/7 basis with its qualified, expert and experienced Welding engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical and electronic engineers and blue-collar employees.
Since it is established in Adapazarı, it can reach all provinces in the Marmara region, where the industry is concentrated, within a few hours.
It is the indispensable dream of all manufacturers to improve your current business, to use technological machinery and equipment, to be able to do the work with the same quality and speed without being dependent on the personnel, to save time, which is the most expensive thing, to deliver the works early, to bring the return of faulty products closer to zero, to ensure continuity by creating customer satisfaction. We work and produce with the logic of a partner to make these vital dreams of you come true.
We live in such a time that no one chooses the welding profession and it is getting harder to find a welder day by day. It will be an effective way to improve the working environment of welders, to keep existing welders in the profession and to encourage new ones. Camera-controlled semi-automatic systems will keep welders away from bright welding light, welding heat and welding fumes.
While semi-automatic welding camera systems are very effective in preventing operator errors and accidents, they increase the welder’s observation and vision, prevent visual disturbances, which is the most common occupational disease, and eliminate the difficulties of concentrating on long-term welding. Thus, longer welding seams can be obtained in one go.